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PLEASE NOTE: This office does not process requests for records from the following agencies:

  • Sheriff’s Office (Including Animal Control and Code Enforcement) 
  • Tax Commissioner
  • Probate Court (Including wills, birth certificates, marriage certificates, gun permits, etc)
  • Clerk of Superior Court and Superior Court
  • Clerk of Juvenile Court and Juvenile Court
  • Magistrate Court
  • Board of Elections
  • Board of Assessors
  • Library Board
  • Health Department
  • Industrial Development Authority

For these offices, you must contact the agency head or elected official for those departments.

Thank you for your interest in viewing county records. Please fill out an Open Records Form and state the specific materials/records being sought. Requests which are unclear or illegible may result in error and delay in the process.  County records would include matters pertaining to the meetings of the Board of Commissioners and the agencies that report directly to the Board of Commissioners. These would not include the records of any Constitutional Officers or Elected Officials such as deeds, divorce records, marriage records, arrest records, other court records, tax records, tax liens, titles or related. This office will not fulfill any request for production of records that is not under its jurisdiction. We are able to respond to Open Records requests for the following agencies:

  • ✅Administration Department
  • ✅Commissioner’s Office (Minutes, Resolutions, Records)
  • ✅E-911 Communications Department
  • ✅Facilities and Buildings Department
  • ✅Finance Department
  • ✅Fire Department
  • ✅Homeland Security & Emergency Management Agency
  • ✅Human Resources Department
  • ✅Leisure Services & Recreation Department
  • ✅Planning and Development
  • ✅Public Works

Certain records are exempt from open records request. This includes, but is not limited to the following: any information pertaining to an employee’s medical records, including insurance or documents that would be an invasion of personal privacy (OCGA 50-18-72); documents concerning an ongoing criminal investigation (OCGA 50-18-72-A 3); documents pertaining to real estate transactions, until such time as the transaction is completed (OCGA 50-18-72 A 6); documents sealed by court order (OCGA 50-18-70 B) and any documents that are covered by attorney/client privilege (OCGA 50-18-72 E)

Additionally, the Office is not required to produce records which do not exist; therefore, no public officer or county is required to prepare reports, summaries, or compilations not in existence at the time of the request. We will not create or produce a record that we do not already have on hand and the only records covered are those not exempt by law.

This Office does not possess or maintain court records, criminal history records or any other records related to the operations of the judicial system of Butts County and its Courts. For inquiries of this nature, please contact the proper Court office that would have jurisdiction over these records.

The County has three business days to respond to the request for open records. This response will cover what records are available, an estimated amount of time it will take to process the request and an estimated cost for processing the request. If all conditions are agreeable to the requestor, the processing of the actual request will begin at this point. Please note that a request for open records is NOT required to be fulfilled within 3 business days – it is the response to the request that is required within that period of time.

The first 15 minutes of research time is at no charge; any research that is conducted beyond the first 15 minutes will be charged per hour at the hourly rate of the lowest paid full-time employee with the necessary skill and training to respond to your request. In addition, each document will have to be hand inspected to determine whether any of the information contained in the document is excluded or protected from disclosure. If such information is included, this will be redacted.  Should you need copies of any of the requested records, the charge is generally 10 cents per page for letter and legal sized documents. There will be a charge for the actual cost of any media storage that is required to fulfill the request.

Please submit completed form via standard US Mail

Office of the County Clerk
Open Records Request
625 W. Third Street  Suite 4
Jackson, Georgia 30233


*Please note:  These rules and open records request form do not pertain to Superior Court cases. For open records requests for court cases, please contact the District Attorney’s Office at (770) 504-2407 or the Clerk of Superior Court at (770) 775-8215.