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Code Enforcement

The Butts County Code Enforcement Division is to enforce the codes of the County in order to protect the health, safety and welfare of the County. In the event violations occur, the Code Enforcement Officer is committed to work with the citizens and businesses to achieve compliance through an effective, efficient and equitable process. To educate the members of the public and local businesses about the County’s codes and to achieve voluntary awareness and compliance.


The purpose of the Building inspector, Residential and Commercial is to be able to interpret the International Building Code and International Residential Code and  be able to communicate in writing and verbally to any individual  in charge of the project. The inspector is scheduled through the Accela program and must be able to work with this in the field.

Planning and Zoning

The Butts County Planning and Zoning Department is staff for Butts County, City of Jackson, City of Jenkinsburg and City of Flovilla.  This department is responsible maintaining and updating zoning ordinances, subdivision and land development regulations/ordinances, comprehensive plans/future development plans, intakes and processes rezoning, special use and variance requests, and any other requests pertaining to zoning and land use regulations.  This department also assists in the issuance of business licenses, alcohol licenses, building permits and code enforcement violations.

Occupational Tax – Business License

The Community Development Department is here to help you access resources to expand your business, grow in the community, and navigate the required processes for development. Click here for business license applications and information.