Melba Hilson-Butts, City Planner

119 E. Hancock Street
Milledgeville, GA 31061
(478) 414-4423

The City Planner assists the City Manager with the implementation of set ordinances and policies, daily administrative operations and economic development and planning for the City of Milledgeville.


• Facilitate the economic development of the city
• Coordinate the comprehensive city planning process at the direction of the City Manager
• Solicit prospective businesses and prepare information for review by City Manager and City Council
• Research, prepare and write grant applications
• Gather and evaluate research data and perform various studies
• Collaborate with the City Manager to develop short and long -range plans for the City
• Prepare and deliver presentations to the City Manager, City Council and other committees
• Serve as a liaison between the City and other public, private or nonprofit groups and associations
• Serve as a member of various staff committees
• Assist departments with administrative and technical projects

OFFICIAL PUBLIC NOTICE - Effective May 18, 2020: The Business Office is now open to the public.