In the City of Milledgeville, solid waste transfer and disposal for residential services are provided by private companies, under contract to the City. Advanced Waste Systems is the provider for the City of Milledgeville’s solid waste service. Commercial and industrial businesses needing roll off service should contact Advanced Waste Systems directly to make arrangements for solid waste collections at 478 453-4435.toters

  • Service Pickup Days and Fees

    Pickup service days depend on your location within the City and are currently noted as: Monday through Friday. All carts must be curbside by 6:00 a.m. on the day of service.

    Monthly pickup fees are $14.50 (subject to change per city council) for the first cart. Do not over-stuff the container, over-stuffing may result in the cart not emptying properly. Yard debris and hazards material or construction materials are not permitted to be placed in the container.

  • What city will collect at curbside?

    Residential refuse such as leaves, grass clippings, straw , small yard and garden clippings other similar materials.

  • What city will-not collect at curbside?

    Trees and by-products of tree removal or trimming services

    **NOTE: It shall be unlawful for any person to trim or remove trees within the city unless the byproduct from those services is immediately removed from the premises and placed or deposited by the person trimming or removing such trees in a disposal site.
    (Code Section 74-53)
    For more information on City Collection and Disposal services, please see or contact Public Works at 414-4037.

blue-recycle-logo-hiRecycling & Convenience Center

An 18 gallon recycling container is available free of charge from Advanced Disposal upon request for curbside pickup. (Note: Advanced Disposal does not allow glass in its recycling containers.) The convenience and solid waste center is located at the dead end of West Thomas Street just past Wray Homes. This center has been built exclusively for residents of this City and will accept the following waste and recyclable items: Brown Goods (Tables, Chairs, Sofas, Mattresses, Box Springs, etc.); White Goods (Refrigerators and appliances); Newspapers and Magazines; and Glass. For additional information contact the City at (478) 414-4037. Household garbage, yard debris, and chemicals are NOT accepted.

Convenience Center Hours of Operations
(located at the end of West Thomas St)
Monday, Wednesday & Friday 7AM – 4PM
Saturday 8AM – 4PM
(Centers are closed on Holidays and during times of inclement weather)


  • New & Current Customers – (478) 414-4010
    We will notify Advance of all new services. (Please allow 5 – 7 business days for delivery)

    Additional Cart Request – (478) 414-4010
    (The City will notify Advanced to provide additional cart(s))

    Pickup Questions – (478) 453-4435 (Call Center)

    ADA Assistance – (478) 453-4435
    (Obtain written physician’s recommendation for back door pickup and provide to or fax to (478) 414-4011

    Yard Debris – (478) 414-4037
OFFICIAL PUBLIC NOTICE - Effective May 18, 2020: The Business Office is now open to the public.