125 W. McIntosh Street
Milledgeville, GA 31061
Office: (478) 414-4012

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City of Milledgeville
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Milledgeville Police Department
Facebook: @MilledgevillePD
Twitter: @MilledgevillePR

The Public Relations Officer (PR Officer) serves as a liaison between the City of Milledgeville, the community, and the news media to provide timely, accurate and useful information about significant events. The City of Milledgeville PR Officer is dedicated to serving all members of the Milledgeville community including residents, visitors, merchants and media representatives. All public inquiries are promptly answered or directed to the appropriate City department.

The Public Relations Officer also serves as the Public Information Officer (PIO) for the Milledgeville Police Department, under the supervision of Milledgeville Police Chief Dray Swicord. As a spokesperson for the local police department, this position addresses all media inquiries and publishes news releases that are directly related to MPD events, programs, and emergencies as well as MPD traffic advisories, current criminal investigations, major crimes, and details of ongoing investigations. This position is also responsible for dissemination of information related to public safety and public works.

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OFFICIAL PUBLIC NOTICE - Effective May 18, 2020: The Business Office is now open to the public.