The City of Milledgeville passed an ordinance in May 2019 for the implementation of a Stormwater Utility for properties within the City limits to more effectively fund the stormwater management program through a system of user fees that will be dedicated solely to addressing stormwater management and drainage issues. A stormwater user fee will be charged to all developed properties within the City based on the amount of impervious surface on the parcel. The City believes that this is a more equitable method for funding stormwater services, since all properties will pay their fair share for stormwater services received.

To learn more about the Stormwater Management Program, please view the following resources:

Stormwater Ordinance
Sormwater Utility Fee Ordinance
Utilities Payments Priority Ordinance
Stormwater Management Program Brochure
Stormwater Program FAQs

The City will offer stormwater user fee credits to both residential and non-residential customers that undertake specific stormwater management activities that may reduce the impact of stormwater on the City’s Stormwater Management Program. To learn more about these user fee credits and how to apply for credits, please view the following resources:

Milledgeville User Fee Credit Manual
Stormwater User Fee Credit Summary
Single Family Residence User Fee Application
Non-Single Family Residence User Fee Application
Right-of-Entry Agreement

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